Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to Refinish Bathtub and Tile


In real estate they say bathroom and kitchens give you the most return on your dollar. Well then the cheapest remodel you can possibly do will be this remodel.  For about $50 you can change your bathroom from this to that.  I know I just did it, and let me to tell you I am no professional.  And the fact that I did it means you can do it and trust me you'll make you can turn your place from depressing to new and bright in just 1-2 days.

With just $50 and some easy sweat equity you will be enjoying a whole new bathroom feel!

All you need is Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinish.  I got mine from Amazon because Home Depot only carries Homax which was absolutely terrible make sure you do not buy Homax.  Homax came out grey and peeled it was just terrible.  Remember learn from my mistakes! And trust me I made plenty to pass on.  So your welcome, but in the end the bathtub came out perfect and brand new.  Here are the steps for refinishing your bathtub

Steps to Refinishing your Tub and Tile

 1. Clean your bathtub thoroughly with your current bathtub cleaner I prefer to use the Black and DeckerPower Scrubber, but that's because I am lazy and rather use this item to help me.

2. Next if your bath tub has any cracks like mine or if you had any cracked tiles this is the time to repair it.  With the Elmers Tub Repair kit you pretty much just use it like clay and fill in any cracks.

3. Next your going to sand down your bathtub with 400 grit wet sand paper and sand your bathtub until its smooth and there are no bumps.

4. Finally you just roll on the paint its really that easy.  But don't forget you need a foam roller this is the most important part.  For a smooth bath tub consistency you need the foam roller otherwise your bath tub will be bumpy

5.  Most important part make sure you don't shower immediately I believe you must wait 3 days before you are able to use this bath tub again


1. Don't be lazy with the prep I was and I had to resand down everything.  My previous handyman used Homax Tub and Tile and it was a disaster so I was lazy and didn't sand down the bathtub.  Instead it cost me an extra 4 hours sanding down everything!!!

2. Buy lots of extra rollers and brushes for each additional re-coat for the next day you will need an additional brush and roller because the epoxy will harden.

3. If your tile was like mine and has texture and not smooth a foam roller will not cover well, make sure you buy a smooth to semi smooth roller that way you'll save time on extra coats.

4. Just buy cheap brushes from the 99 cents store that way you can just throw them away. The paint is self leveling therefore there will be no brush marks